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A little while ago, I found this recipe for chocolate Yogo and it looked good, but I had no idea what Yogo was supposed to be. From the recipe I gathered it was some sort of custard and later on got the confirmation from Mr. A. It must be an Australian thing. Either way, I thought this was something Elliot and I could do together so I set up the activity last week.

Elliot was over the moon. He loves helping me cook and his favourite thing about it is sticking his hands in the bowl while he’s mixing. If you ever come to my house and I serve you something I’ve made with Elliot, consider yourself warned, haha!

Activity #15 - Cooking Chocolate Yogo Custard (1)

For this activity, he helped me mixing the ingredients together, then I took over when it was time to cook it on the stove. The recipe turned out really great, but I would add a few things to it. First, I’ve used only 80g of sugar instead of 120g and it was fine (this might depend on the type of cocoa you are using, mind you). Also, in step 2 it says to heat the milk until it gets hot but really, how hot is hot? So I heated the milk until it was just starting to bubble and that worked great.

Activity #15 - Cooking Chocolate Yogo Custard (2)

All in all, it’s a great recipe for a yummy dessert. I put some of the custard in small containers and popped them frozen into Miss P’s lunchbox and she loved it. Make sure they stay cold though, or it will liquefy. Another idea is to pour it into ice-pop moulds for a nice frozen treat on hot days.

PS: Now, how exactly does one photograph chocolate custard? Photo fail!