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I originally had a different scarf in mind for my brother but because of my weird knitting technique, no matter how much I tried I couldn’t get this gorgeous herringbone scarf looking right. I sadly had to give up and went back to Ravelry to do a new search for men’s scarves. There aren’t a ton of patterns for men on there but I stumbled upon this awesome one that had just been released. It couldn’t have been more timely!

Blocks and Squares Scarf (5)

The pattern is called Blocks and Squares, by designer Tetiana Otruta. It’s very easy to do if you know your knitting basics. It’s really just a combination of knit and purl stitches that form the design. I was really happy with it. It’s a great guy’s scarf with a simple look, but the pattern makes it that little bit more interesting. In any case, it was nice to break away from the usual monotony of men’s scarves, while not being too busy-looking.

Blocks and Squares Scarf (1)

The yarn I used is Bendigo Woollen MillsAlpaca (same yarn as for this scarf), in colourway Rich Hazelnut. After I washed and blocked the scarf it was still slightly scratchy but it wasn’t unbearable so I’m hoping that with future washes, it’ll soften up a bit more. If it doesn’t, well, I’m sorry dear brother; I’ll just have to knit you another one.

Blocks and Squares Scarf (4)

Ravelry project page found here.