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Here is the recap of the last two weeks worth of children’s activities posted on my Facebook page. As Poppy is now at daycare three days a week, most of the activities feature only Elliot. I also find that when I have both of them both me, we spend a lot more time out and about and there is not always time left for activities.

    • Activity #5: Nature Walk

Activity #5 - Nature Walk (1) Activity #5 - Nature Walk (2)

Nature walks are one of our favourite things to do. We’re lucky that we don’t have far to go to get to this cute little spot and forget about the city around us. We visited our little web-footed friends and had a nice long walk, chatting about the trees, bushes and flowers around us. Peaceful and a great energy-burner for the little guy!

    • Activity #6: Baking Muffins

Activity #6 - Baking Muffins (2)

It was the first time I did baking with just Elliot and he really enjoyed it. He helped put the ingredients in the bowl and do the easy mixing… and of course licking the spoon. His favourite part? Eating the muffins!

Easy muffins recipe can be found here. We made a banana and coconut version of this recipe.

    • Activity #7: Beading

Activity #7 Beads (3)

Beading is a fun activity for children from 3 onwards. Improves hand-eye coordination and you end up with some rocking necklaces made with love by your little ones. Absolute win

    • Activity #8: Homemade Bowling Game

Activity #8 Homemade Bowling Game (2)

This activity was meant for another week but Miss P was so keen to try it that I set it up earlier. For this bowling game, I used some cans of coke that I’d kept from the Christmas celebrations but you could also use empty tins of food (just make sure the opened edge is not sharp). Tins will be more resistant than cans and you will be able to use them over and over again.
The kids LOVED that game. Being allowed to hit cans with a ball? There were so in!
It’s a great outdoors game that improves their hand-eye coordination.
PS: I’ve set up the cans as you would do in a bowling alley but you could vary the game by putting the cans on top of each other and make a ‘wall’ that the kids have to knock down.

    • Activity #9: Water Play

Activity #9 - Water Play (1)

We had some pretty hot days last week so it seemed fit to organise an outdoors activity that involved water. I filled up a big bucket and gave him an assortment of containers of different shapes and sizes. The goal was to fill up all the containers, transferring water from one to another.

*While I set up these activities with a goal in mind and show the kids how to do it, I also let them interpret it the way they want. Today, Elliot chose to interrupt the container-filling activity to jump straight into the bucket for a bit of splashing, Peppa-Pig style. Freestyling! J

This is an activity for younger children that can be done in a multitude of ways. Elliot’s gone into the ‘what’s that?’ phase, pointing at everything he sees so I’m making the most of it. I find that the kids are always very interested to know about food in general and want to know the name of all the things on their plate so it’s a very good way for them to learn.
(PS: Today’s activity is shown in a video. It’s in French, but it’s pretty easy to understand what’s going on).