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For my dad this year, I wanted to make something that was both beautiful and useful. I’d had my eye on the Brioche Stitch Scarf pattern by The Purl Bee for a while so I knew now was the perfect occasion to make it. It is both simple and elegant and personally, I can’t resist gorgeous stitches like this brioche stitch. It makes the scarf so soft, thick and squishy that it’s almost decadent.

Brioche Scarf (4)

The yarn I used is called Alpaca Rich, by my favourite online shop, Bendigo Woollen Mills in colourway Rich Grey. It is composed of 60% alpaca and 40% wool. It’s quite a lovely yarn, although with a slight tendency to be scratchy on sensitive skins, because of the long alpaca hair. It was a perfect match for this pattern though; something about the construction of the scarf got rid of that scratchiness. I can’t explain it but the finished scarf was nice and soft, and that’s what matters.

Brioche Scarf (2)

While the pattern was written for a 3ply/light fingering weight yarn, Alpaca Rich is an 8ply/dk weight yarn so I had to modify it slightly to fit. By ‘modify’, I really just mean that I’ve cast on 33sts instead of 53 and used 4.5mm needles. That’s the beauty of scarves, they’re usually very easy to adapt to any yarn weight you want!

Brioche Scarf (1)

Ravelry details can be found here.

Brioche Scarf (3)