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If you’ve been following the Facebook page, you’ll have seen the activities I’ve been posting on there. Most of them didn’t warrant an entire blog post to themselves so Facebook seemed like the ideal solution. I’ll try to make a weekly recap’ on here though, so they don’t get lost.


  • Activity #1: Playdough

Activity a day #1 - Playdough (6)

Read more about it on this blog post.

  • Activity #2: Peppa Pig colouring-in

Activity a day #2 - Colouring in (2)

This was an activity that was too advanced for Elliot, but it didn’t stop him from having lots of fun. He used all the colours he had and drew circles all over the page. I loved how he made great use of the available space on the sheet.

Colouring-in for older children is great to teach them space awareness and precision.

The Peppa Pig colouring-in pages are free and can be downloaded from ABC4Kids’s website.


  • Activity #3: Football games (outdoors activity)

Activity a Day #3 - Football (3)

The book suggested an outdoors activity involving snow so we changed it to something more suited to our weather: football… which evolved into a form of handball, with a touch of rugby. Both Poppy and Elliot participated in that activity, although Poppy had gone sooking by the time I got the camera out.

  • Activity #4: Stamp painting

Activity a day #4 - Stamp painting (2)

This is one of Poppy’s favourite activities. We did this one at her suggestion actually. We’ve done this one a few times in the last few months; it’s fun and very exciting and rewarding for little children as they see the shapes appearing on the page. Today, she also learnt about what happens when you mix blue and yellow together. For a less messy experience with younger ones, why not use Deb’s (from the gorgeous blog, Sixtine et Victoire) idea of using a stamp pad instead of paint.