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I’m getting quite attached to these cute little bunnies. This is the second one I’ve made in just a few months and I’m already planning on making a third one. Sewing all the bits together and embroidering the features to make it look like it’s supposed to is really not my forte. I’m getting better with practise, this bunny is the best one I’ve made so far, but I still have a long way to go.

Fluffy Bunny #2 (2)

The pattern for this bunny is called Briar Bunny by Amanda Keeys (an Australian designer). The pieces are knit in the round then sewed together. I do like softie patterns that require knitting in the round, they’re a bit quicker. This still requires a fair bit of time to complete though, softies are rarely a quick project.

Fluffy Bunny #2 (6)

The yarn I used is called Teddy by Bergere de France. Not the easiest yarn to work with as it’s almost impossible to see or count the rows and stitches, but all I had to do is be a little more careful when I was knitting and make sure I was paying attention to what I was doing. I love the effect it gives on the bunny, making it all soft and fluffy.

Fluffy Bunny #2 (4)

This little bunny went to a friend’s baby girl. I know pink is a more traditional colour for baby girls but I’m addicted to light grays, haha.

Fluffy Bunny #2 (3)

Ravelry details and photos are over here.