Two days after Christmas, my baby turned two. Two! Didn’t I just give birth to him a month ago? Some days, I have a hard time thinking that he was born two years ago, but other days it seems odd that he is only two. Having his big sister to show him the way and being an observant little thing to boot, he has become a quick learner.

Two Years Young (1)

Being born so close to Christmas isn’t fun. He doesn’t care about it yet, but he probably will when he is older so, amidst all the Christmas celebrations, we make sure to make a deal out of his birthday. I baked and iced some cupcakes and we had a little celebration on the day with the traditional candle blowing ritual and presents opening, just between us and grandma (who was staying with us then). Then he’ll have a proper party a bit later on in January, when everyone’s back from holidays. More cake and more candles? He’s definitely up for it, haha!

Two Years Young (2)

Time goes so fast with little ones that as the years go by at lightning speed, you tend to forget a lot of things, small details that meant a lot at one time but get overshadowed by new accomplishments. It’s in this spirit that I borrowed The Cottage Mama’s idea to make a list of all the things that define my children, on each of their birthdays. It’ll be a keepsake of some sort, to remember who they were at each milestone. So here is Elliot, at age two.

Two Years Young (3)

‘My dear little boy,

Happy, happy birthday! We love you more than words can express. Your good mood, tenderness, cheekiness and boisterousness are a delight. From the moment you were born, you completed our little family so perfectly that it was like you’d always been here with us. As you’re turning two, here are some things that define you:

  • You are a great communicator. Your speaking is unbelievable and you are able to say pretty much everything you need, including if you don’t want/like something.
  • You are bilingual. Like your sister, English is your preferred language but you understand both perfectly and you speak a ton of French words.
  • You are clever and observant. Nothing gets past you, even when we don’t think that you’re looking or listening.
  • You look up to your big sister. You like to follow her and do the same things as her.
  • You love the boy stuff, anything that goes: cars, trucks, motorbikes, fire engines, helicopters, lawn mowers, etc.
  • You are curious, pointing at everything you see, asking ‘what’s that?’
  • You LOVE playing with your papa and helping him when he’s fixing things.
  • You have the BEST smile.
  • You’re a bit shy. When you meet someone new, you get a little bit scared. You jump into maman or papa’s arms and stay there until you feel confident and reassured, which usually takes you only a few minutes.
  • You’re an early riser. 5 to 5.30am is your usual wake-up time.
  • You’re a cuddle machine and we love it!
  • To our greatest amazement, you’ve started to toilet-train yourself. Go you!
  • You have inherited your maman’s family’s sweet tooth.
  • You’re a great little dancer, shaking your little bum every time you hear a nice beat.
  • Your favourite song right now is ‘The Fox (What does the fox say?)’, by Ylvis
  • Your favourite TV show is Peppa Pig.

Happy 2nd birthday, Elliot. We love you to the moon and back.

Maman and papa.’

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