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Every year, I vow to make all the Christmas presents but I get to November and realise I haven’t started yet, so I change my goal to making as many as possible. I normally sew a lot of them but my sewing machine has been refusing to cooperate for months now and 2013 was a knitting year anyway so all 13 of this Christmas’ presents were knitted ones.

Ribbed Handwarmers (2)

I still can’t quite believe that I managed to knit 13 presents in less than 2 months. Some were quick and easy ones, others (like the 3 scarves) took longer. As they say, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Pink Stripes Handwarmers (3)

The first projects I made were 2 pairs of handwarmers, using patterns from the Purl Bee and fingering weight self-striping yarn from Bergère de France called Goomy 50. The first one (the purple one) uses a rib stitch that is easy to do and makes the handwarmers super stretchy. The pattern can be found here. It comes in one size only but thanks to the stretchiness it will fit almost everyone. This one was a gift for one of my best friends.

Ribbed Handwarmers (4)

The second pair (the pink one) uses a simple stockinette stitch throughout, with a bit a ribbing around the thumb hole. Because it’s so simple, it was perfect for the self-striping yarn. These were gifted to my sister-in-law and the pattern can be found here.

Pink Stripes Hnadwarmers (2)

Both these patterns are available for free. I highly recommend them; they’re really good beginners’ projects, even if you’re new to knitting in the round. It was the first time I made handwarmers and I found these two patterns to be a great way to start.

Ribbed Handwarmers (1)

You can see more details on my Ravelry project pages, here for the purple one and here for the pink one*

Pink Stripes Handwarmers (1)

*Ravelry has now added a function that allows projects to be visible to everyone, without having to sign up to a Ravelry account. You should be able to see both project pages now, but let me know if there are any issues, I’d love some feedback.