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One of the Christmas presents I received this year is a desk book/calendar with instructions for a different children’s activity every day. The book is aimed at children between 3 to 6 years old and has a wide range of activities: crafting, cooking, outdoors activities, role plays, action songs and so on. Being a stay-at-home mum it can sometimes be difficult to come up with something new for the kids to do so this will be a fantastic little resource, packed full of great ideas. Some of the activities will be impossible for us to complete (in December and January for instance, there are a number of activities that require playing outside with the snow, so that’s not going to happen) and we probably won’t do the activities on the exact day they were planned for, but I’ll use the book as a reference guide and share as many as possible with you, whether here on the blog or on our Facebook page.

Activity a day #1 - Playdough (6)

The first activity for January was playdough. Playdough is great for children of all ages, it helps strengthen their hands and grips, stimulates their imagination and provides a great sensory experience. Smaller children will love simply handling and shaping the dough whilst older children will enjoy creating scenes and diverse objects.

Activity a day #1 - Playdough (2)

Pipe cleaners make great trees

Activity a day #1 - Playdough (1)

Birthday cake, complete with pipe cleaners candles :)

The book came with a recipe to make your own playdough – which I will have to try next time – but today the kids played with the one they were given at Christmas. I normally make ours using this recipe, which is really good. If you’ve never made your own play dough before, I can only highly recommend it. It’s cheap, it’s fun and you can add your own choice of colouring, glitter or even spices to make it even more interesting. There are quite a lot of playdough recipes out there so you’re bound to find one that suits your needs (and your pantry) perfectly.

Activity a day #1 - Playdough (4)

Whenever I set up a paydough activity for the kids, I give them a selection of varied props, using things from around the house, stuff that I have on hands and I try to change them up every time. Today, it was pipe cleaners, bottle caps and cookie cutters.

Activity a day #1 - Playdough (3)

Activity a day #1 - Playdough (5)

They had a great time with the pipe cleaners the other day so these were old news. Today, they preferred playing with the new, exciting bottle caps. Elliot really got into it, as you can see from the focused look on his face. It’s the first time I’ve seen him so interested in anything for so long. As for Miss P, she started with the bottle caps, then moved on to the cookie cutters.

Activity a day #1 - Playdough (9)

Activity a day #1 - Playdough (7)

Do you make your own playdough? What’s your favourite recipe? What props do your children like to use with their playdough?

Activity a day #1 - Playdough (8)