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I’m still knitting like a crazy woman. I’m busier than ever with the kids but I try and sneak in a bit of knitting every time I can, even if it’s just a few rows here and there (knitting is now my favourite playground pastime!).

Lace legwarmers (1)

I made these legwarmers for my little sister, to go with her tunic, and had originally planned on giving them to her for her birthday in July. Other plans got in the way though and I didn’t get to finishing them until a few weeks ago. I’d already made her the tunic and a beanie for her birthday so it wasn’t a big drama.

Lace legwarmers (2)

It was the first time I’d made legwarmers. I’ve made socks for the first time last year and got instantly hooked and the same thing is happening for legwarmers. I’ve had those on my to-do list for a long time. I instantly loved the lace design but it looked a bit too difficult for me. I’m fairly new at lace knitting too and what with my somewhat unconventional knitting technique, it took me a while to figure out how to knit lace patterns properly (thank you YouTube and Mr. Google for helping me out on that one!).

Lace legwarmers (3)

Turns out that, after a few repeats, the lace pattern wasn’t so difficult after all. I managed to memorise it pretty early on so the legwarmers became my on-the-go project. They were knitted mostly sitting on a bench at various kids’ playgrounds, on buses, in doctors’ waiting rooms and on our back deck while keeping an eye on the kiddos.

Lace legwarmers (4)

My sister’s lucky that I wouldn’t get any use out of these in Brisbane, or I might have kept them for myself. I knitted them with Bendigo Woollen MillsLuxury 4ply in colourway Stone and it turned out to be a perfect yarn for it. To say that I la-la-love them is an understatement. I just HAD to put them on to take a few photos for my records (it was the only reason, honest!) but now I’m eager to see pics of my sister wearing them.

As always, you can find all the deets on Ravelry, on this project page.