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There are many, many things I’d like to write about on this blog but I never seem to get around to doing it. By the time I’ve gone through a million questions in my head (Is it interesting enough? Does it sound too bragging? Are the photos OK? Will it upset someone, somehow?, etc…) the moment has gone and it seems irrelevant to post the article. Then I came to the realisation the other day that I’m trying too hard, I want it to be too perfect, so much so that I don’t end up posting anything because it doesn’t seem good enough. Talk about being counter-productive! So I’m trying something new; letting go of the endless questions and worries and start writing instead.


Pocket flower arrangement, by Miss P

Today, what I want to share is this: a gorgeous, sunny day like Queensland does so well. We’ve had some tough times lately with illnesses and exhaustion, but today is a beautiful day. The kids and I made the most of it by going on one of our many walks. They stopped here and there and picked a little treasure made of flowers, seeds, feathers and other interesting things they wanted to bring home. My pockets were happy to be transformed into a cute treasure carrier.


Rest stop

We stopped at the new little café that opened a few blocks away from our house for babycinos, blueberry muffins and coffee. We’re very excited about this little café. We’d been waiting for a place like this since we’d moved here. There was nothing of the sort around here before, a few small shops but no cool little café to hang out at. The best thing about it (after the good coffee, that is) is that it’s close enough that the kids and I can all walk to it (no need for the stroller!) and far enough to burn some of that endless energy that they have. How perfect!


The booty!

Life can be difficult, but it’s days like these that make it all worth it.