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Wow, what a week. My little man has been sick so we’re on to our 4th night in a row with very little and much interrupted sleep. Needless to say we’re all completed exhausted and a little bit on edge. I don’t know about you but when I don’t get my solid 8 hours of sleep I just don’t cope very well. I turn into an evil cranky monster that is not pleasant to be around so I’ve been very much looking forward to the week-end and its promise of a sleep-in and/or nanna nap. Oh yeah, nanna naps rock!

But back to the purpose of this post: my works in progress. I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately. I go through phases and right now, knitting is in. Also, I find it relaxing so when the kids are in bed I’ve been knitting like crazy to help me unwind. I’m working on two main projects at the moment, a cardigan (for me!) and a throw.


I’m making the cardigan as part of Luvinthemommyhood’s ‘Top, Tanks and Tees Knit-Along’. I’m making a Featherweight Cardigan by designer Hannah Fetig/Knitbot in lace-weight yarn. Although it’s using lace yarn, it’s knitted on 4mm needles, which makes it a super light, breezy cardigan, perfect for the mid-season and winter around here. The KAL started 10 days ago and I had a loose plan to get to the sleeves separation in week 1, finish the body in week 2, do the sleeves in week 3 and finish with the collar band in week 4.

Classic 2ply, Dark Plum

The yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills, Classic 2ply in Dark Plum

Things didn’t really go according to plan (but then again it was a loose plan); knitting in lace-weight is pretty slow-going (even with 4mm needles) but I finally got to the sleeves separation last night and after doing a few rows of the body, I tried it on, only to find out that it was too small! It was stretched across the back and the sleeves were way too small; once knitted up I wouldn’t have been able to pass my arms through. As it turns out, I had chosen to make the smallest size, basing my choice on the bust measurements, completely forgetting to check the other measurements like back width and arms circumference. So I ripped off all 60 rows that I’d made and started over again. It’s a little bit sad to see how quick and easy it is to destroy something that took so long to make. I cursed myself for a while and then just buried my head in my knitting so that after a good 90 minutes I had managed to rebuild 22 rows and I’m still hoping to get back to the sleeves separation before the end of the week-end. Oh well, lesson learnt, hey: alwayscheck all the measurements before picking a size. Here’s a photo of what it looked like a few rows before the sleeves separation (oh, and can you see my super sophisticated stitch markers? hehe).

Featherweight Cardi (1)

The second big project I’m working on is a throw/blanket for this winter, to keep us warm when we watch movies in the evening. Spotlight’s being doing a Knit-Along (another one!) for a Textured Throw on their Facebook page. The throw is made up of 25 squares, each of them measuring 20cm x 20cm and knitted with a different stitch/design. They’re releasing the patterns at a rate of 2 squares each week and they’re currently up to 12 squares.

Textured Throw (1)

The first 5 squares (from left to right, top to bottom): Garter stitch; Stocking stitch, 2/2 rib; Moss stitch; 2-rows moss stitch

I had to wait for my order of yarn to arrive (Bendigo Woollen Mills, Classic 8ply, for the deets) and then got caught up in other things so I’m a bit behind but I’m now working on the 6th square and I have to say, this is quite fun (I haven’t blocked them yet, which is why they are of all shapes and sizes on the photo above). It starts with all the simple stitches and gradually gets more difficult. All the squares I’ve made so far were stitches I’m already pretty familiar with but the last few that have been released are getting interesting. It’ll be a great way for me to learn new stitches; I can’t wait to get to make them all! Did I mention it was awesome fun? Hehe…

Textured Throw (3)

The 6th square, ‘Horizontal Stripe’

If you’re on Ravelry, you can check out details and progress on the cardigan here, and on the blanket here.

What are your plans for the week-end? Is it going to be a busy one, or more a quiet, crafty one like me?