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Well, it happened; Miss P turned three. Three years old. She’s getting so big now and I just love to watch her grow and see her personality develop but there’s a small part of me that gets a bit nostalgic when thinking of her when she was a newborn baby.

Poppy's birthday (6)

We’d originally said that we weren’t going to organise a party this year. When she was born, Mr. A and I agreed that we wouldn’t do birthday parties until she went to school, until she could really appreciate them. Yeah, I can hear you laugh. You can. We’ve done one every year. The first one seemed logical, inevitable. The first year of a child is so important, we HAD to celebrate it! And then there was the fact that is was also our first celebration in our roles as parents. We couldn’t miss that. The second one was also the year I turned 30 so we did a combined party for both her and me (Miss P and I are both born in March).

Poppy's birthday (12)

And the third one, well, the girls LOVES a good birthday party. She’s now old enough that she knows what they’re about and that there’s nothing more exciting than a party. She’s such a social little kid (I have no idea where she gets that from!), she loves nothing than play with other kids. Add cake and presents to that and it’s an absolute heaven for her. She likes anyone’s party really, but I knew she would just be very excited to have her own.

Poppy's birthday (7)-001

And boy wasn’t she just! She’d seen me doing some preparations for a while – buying things, making her dress, and I talked about her cake with her – so she knew it was coming soon. She was exceptionally patient I must say. She talked a bunch about her birthday party for a week or so before it happened, saying that it would happen ‘a bit later’, which is her way of saying ‘another day’.

Poppy's birthday (8)

The party had a bit of a rainbow theme. When it was pouring rain last month, Miss P and I kept busy by making rainbow cookies, which gave me the idea of the theme. I’m neither organised nor committed enough to go all-in but this was the most time and effort I’ve ever spent in a theme and it was all worth it. I made Miss P’s dress, which is a first. I didn’t get good enough pictures on the day and it’s now in the wash so when it’s dry I’ll snap some better pics and put them in a new post. It was really fun to do, working with all those colours and the pattern is fantastic!

Poppy's birthday (4)

As far as decorations go, I hung up coloured balloons in the order of the rainbow all around the deck (and completely forgot to take pics!) and made a table runner with a rainbow strip at each end.

Poppy's birthday (5)

Foodwise, I went a little bit overboard. It never seems like much on paper but when it gets on the table I realise it might have bit a little bit too much. Oh well, I guess I am my mother’s daughter after all, hahaha.

Poppy's birthday (3)

So, there were rainbow cookies made partly with natural food colouring. The cookies that started the theme were made with the standard artificial food colouring and kind of looked like they were from another planet, or that they could glow in the dark, the colours were so bright. I looked in a bunch of places for natural food colouring but could only find four colours (in Woolworths of all places; if anyone knows where I can find some in Brisbane, I’d love to know). It was better than nothing though so I used those colours and used the artificial stuff for the red and the blue layers.

Poppy's birthday (1)

I also made a ‘rainbow’ fruit platter with strawberries, rockmelon, grapes and blueberries. I’d planned to make a yellow layer with pineapple but it’s not in season so was nowhere to be found at the shop. Then I thought I’d do it with apples but they oxidised very quickly so I left it without the yellow. It was a bit of a shame.

Poppy's birthday (2)

Next were some mini blueberry muffins. They’re the only baking I did that didn’t involve rainbow colours. I also made jelly shots in six different flavours to match the colours of the rainbow and arranged them on a plate in order. I didn’t get to take a pic of those as I got them out at the last minute so they wouldn’t melt.

Poppy's birthday (9)

Mr A made some delicious sausage rolls to counter-balance all the sweet stuff that was on offer. We make these at every party; they’re super simple to make and are always a huge success with kids and adults alike. We just buy mini frankfurts from the deli, wrap them in puff pastry and bake them until the puff pastry is a nice golden brown and cooked through. Easy, peasy.

Poppy's birthday (10)

Last but not least was the rainbow cake. It had to be 6 layers to fit all the colours of the rainbow so it turned out gigantic! I’ve never done a cake that big. I iced it in three goes: first between all the layers of cake, then put it in the fridge to let it set, then did a first layer of icing all around the sides and on the top and put it back in the fridge before putting the final touch of icing and sprinkling 100s and 1000s all over to make it all pretty. It was a fair bit of work but it turned out pretty good. Miss P had been so excited about her rainbow cake – which she helped me make – she wanted to eat it as soon as it came out of the oven. When she tried it she said it was ‘the best cake ever’ and that was the best compliment anyone could ever get. If she’s happy, I’m happy.

Poppy's birthday (11)

Amidst all that food, Miss P had an absolute ball. She was in her element, it was really lovely to see. Unlike the previous years she didn’t get overwhelmed by all the attention and the singing, she loved it all. It was such a gorgeous day, for Mr A and I too (Mr A did an awesome job setting everything up, making the place spick and span and making sure everyone was fed and had refreshment all through the party; it was great teamwork). At the end of the day, Miss P told us about how much fun she had and what a great party it was. Completely melted my heart! Happy Birthday my gorgeous little girl, I’m so glad you had such a great day!