Remember the Frilly Sleeves Dress I shared the other day? As it turns out Miss P loves it. We went to a birthday party recently and she was super excited to wear her new dress. Phew!

New Farm Birthday (3)

She usually likes the things I make. She jumps up and down if I tell her it’s for her and she checks on the progress when she can see me making them. She’s not too big on photos though, so that’s a bit of a challenge, as everyone with a toddler knows, haha.

New Farm Birthday (6)

Miss P does love a good birthday party and although this was an adult’s one and there were no other children present, the kids had the time of their life.

New Farm Birthday (10)

I’m always surprised and amazed by Miss P’s sociability. She makes the best of any situation. No kids to play with? No worries, she’ll just find another group close by where there are children and start playing with them. She just goes up to random kids, tells them her name and tags along in their games. Fearless.

New Farm Birthday (8)

She doesn’t let anything get in between her and some awesome fun. I love that. I always was a shy little thing so I could NEVER do that, not even as an adult.

New Farm Birthday (12)

The Little Man is quite the opposite. He’s very wary of other people and needs a bit of time to adapt to a new situation or environment, but he’s fearless of things. He showed his big sister that the rocking-horse was awesome fun (she’s terrified of things that move or make too much noise).

New Farm Birthday (9)

So there you go, one little girl wearing her mama-made dress. Makes me proud, hehe. I thought I’d sneak in a few photos of the little guy too, as it’s been a while.

New Farm Birthday (4)

New Farm Birthday (5)

Oh and the view from the park we were at:

New Farm Birthday (7)

New Farm Birthday (11)

Happy Thursday everyone!