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Well, hi there! So, it’s been a while and I’ve hardly posted anything last month. Turns out February had more in store for us and we’re slowly getting back on track so I’m really quite looking forward to the fun that March promises (lots of birthdays to celebrate! Yay!!!)

Big Kids Bibs (5)

Anyway, I thought I’d kick off this month with the only thing I managed to make in February: some bibs for Hopeful Threads’ February sew-along. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might remember the shorts I made last July, also for hopeful Threads. Well, I haven’t participated in any Hopeful Threads projects since so when Kristy announced February’s theme, I jumped on board.

Big Kids Bibs (4)

The bibs will go to Hidden Treasures Home of Loaves and Fishes International in China. It’s too late to participate now, but if you’re interested in sewing for charity organisations, go and have a look at Hopeful Threads. What Kristy does is amazing and I’m just glad I can help out once in a while.

Big Kids Bibs (2)

The bibs I made have three layers, as recommended by Bonnie from Fishstick Designs (who co-hosted the project and even provided a free pattern): a top layer of cotton fabric (some quilting cotton, others just standard 100% cotton); a middle layer of plain cotton flannelette to provide some absorbency; and the back layer is PUL fabric.

Big Kids Bibs (3)

I’d never worked with PUL fabric before but it’s amazing stuff. It’s pretty easy to work with and I love the waterproof factor! I got mine from Snaps Australia. I’d never ordered from them before so it was a bit of a shot in the dark but it was at a great price so I gave it a go. It arrived within a week and the fabric is great. The postage cost was a bit steep ($13.20 for two meters of fabric) so next time I think I’ll place a bigger order, to get my money’s worth of the postage fees.

Big Kids Bibs (1)

I made 12 bibs in total, 8 with snaps that I sent on to Hopeful Threads, and 4 with ties that I kept for my kids. I was really happy to get that many bibs out of my 2 metres of PUL fabric. If I’d only made tie bibs, I could have gotten 16 bibs out of it! Anyway, the bibs are great. I love that you can personalize them with the fabric you want and that they are both absorbent AND waterproof. I’ve been using them on the kids for almost a week now and I love them. The kids do too. Miss P saw me making them and was super excited that I kept some for her. She’s pretty messy when she eats but it’s been a fight to get her to wear a napkin. Now though, she’s always keen to put her bib on. I say, that’s an absolute win!