Sorry I’ve been silent last week. I had posts scheduled for the entire week but Miss P and I got hit by a pretty nasty tummy bug that’s left me Out-Of-Service for a few days, so much so that I haven’t been able to do anything with the blog, then it was Little Man and Mr. A’s turn. But things are starting to look up now and I’m managing to find some spare time to blog.

Carrier Wrap (3)

Months ago, when my best and oldest friend found out she was pregnant with her second bub, we started discussing baby carriers. I told her about the one I’d made before Little Man was born, how much I love it and how often I’ve been using it. By the end of our conversation, it was all set: I would make her one too. The fabric I used for mine was enough to make 3 in total and although I had planned to make a second one (for when the first is in the wash), it never happened so I still had all that fabric waiting to be used.

Carrier Wrap (1)

Fast-forward a few months, I finally held true on my promise. I had a look in Spotlight a few times for some fabric for the front panel but I really wasn’t inspired by the choice there, so I went back home, took some photos of the fabric I had in my stash and asked her if she liked any of them. She chose the flowery print I had previously used to make some pants for Miss P. I love her choice. I adore that fabric! It looked awesome for Miss P’s pants and looks even better as a baby wrap carrier. Making it is super easy. Like for mine, I finish all the edge with the overlocker, then sewed the front panel in the middle. Easy peasy.

Carrier Wrap (2)

My friend’s little girl was born a couple of weeks ago, she is absolutely adorable and I’m told the wrap has already seen plenty of use. They live in the Canary Islands so unfortunately I won’t get to have baby cuddles until we go back for a holiday (in July! Sooooooo excited!!!). Until then, I’ll have to make do with all the cute photos, hehe.