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Today is my last post on handmade Christmas goodies. Thank goodness, because it’s already the end of January and more than time to get on and leave the whole Christmas awesomeness behind us for another year, haha.

Rag Dolls (3)

But I’ve been keeping the best for last. I had so much fun making these rag dolls! Like for the Pocoyo doll, I used the Black Apple Doll pattern. The face, arms and legs are made from unbleached calico, the body from quilting cotton.

Rag Dolls (5)

If you try making these dolls, I’d recommend adding a seam allowance on the arms and legs or they end up looking a bit too skinny for the doll, as well as being very narrow and therefore difficult to turn over. I photocopied the pattern at 150% as stated then added a ¼” seam allowance (on the arms and legs ONLY).

Rag Dolls (1)

I started making 6 of those dolls at the same time, even though I knew I didn’t need that many. They’re THAT addictive! I only finished four though, as I ran out of time and steam. The remaining two are almost done; they just need to be turned over, stuffed with polyfill then sewed shut, so no doubt I’ll get around to doing that soon. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the dolls exactly as Miss P already got one for Christmas, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon enough, hehe.

Rag Dolls (6)

The five dolls you see on the photo above are the ones that were completed before Christmas. The one on the right with the denim dress was my trial doll. I’d originally planned on giving it to Miss P for Christmas but decided to give her the one with light brown hair instead. The trial one I wrapped and gave to the Little Man. He’s not into playing with dolls but he likes to cuddle anything soft. It also prevented any fights over who gets to hold the doll on Christmas Day, which was a big bonus, hehe.

Rag Dolls (2)

And so this wraps up this Christmas series. I haven’t been doing much sewing since but I can’t wait to get back to it. See you tomorrow for a tasty recipe…