This one’s been a long time coming: somewhere to store my knitting needles. They have a way of multiplying, those needles. Almost every time I start a project, I need another set of needles because the ones I have are not the right size and/or not the right length.

I’m starting to get a nice little collection though – especially since I was recently given a whole bunch of vintage needles – and it was getting urgent for me to find a way to keep them. You know, as opposed to keeping them all mixed up in a box and having to ruffle through the whole lot to find a matching pair.

Knitting Needles Roll (1)

I’d made a Knitting Needles Bag for my mum at Christmas but it had a few issues: it was huge and I hadn’t done a flap so the needles keep on falling out of the bag when carried around (duh!). So this time, I looked around on the internet and found this great tutorial.

Knitting Needles Roll (2)

I used the tutorial as a guideline but made it to my own measurements and ignored most of the instructions. In the end, I realised I should have put the ribbon on the other side, the side where the pocket is, so it’d be easier to roll it. Apart from that though, I love it.

Knitting Needles Roll (3)

And those black smudges you’re seeing on it? Marker pen, courtesy of Miss P. Or, ‘Mama was so silly she left a marker pen within her toddler’s reach’. Double duh! The outside couch and one of the pillows got a taste of it too :S

Anyhooooo, back to knitting. I have 5 projects on the go. Yeah, I’m not so good at finishing them up. I love, love, love the knitting part. Assembling it and weaving in the ends, not so much. So that’s my challenge for the winter months: finish my knitting WIPs. Wish me luck!

Knitting Needles Roll (5)

I promised myself that I’ll finish at least one of them before I can start knitting with this beautiful yumminess. I cant’ wait!:

Knitting Needles Roll (4)

PS: You can find me and my ongoing projects on Ravelry, here