A few months back, I broke my Kindle. I was devastated. I’m quite attached to my Kindle, and so is Mr. A (you Kindle hog!). My Kindle is what has allowed me to keep reading with two kids. I can read when I breastfeed, read whilst keeping an eye on Miss P when she’s playing outside – so hard to do with a real book as every time I take my eyes off it to check on the little trouble maker, I then have to scan the whole page to find where I was at, read 2 lines then check on Miss P again – and I can simply put it down – which happens about 100 times per page with two small children around – without having to hunt for a bookmark and pick it up again just as easily.

Kindle Cover (5)

Ok, let’s be honest here. I very rarely read when I’m on my own and both kids are up. Even with a Kindle it can be pretty difficult or just downright impossible. I do most of my reading during the quiet times, when E’s asleep and Miss P’s busy drawing or watching TV, or on the week-ends when I have Mr A as a backup.

Kindle Cover (2)

But I digress. I broke it. It fell on the floor and the screen has never been the same again. Not easy to follow a storyline when you’re missing the first two lines of each page. There were tears… until I went on Amazon and saw they had a new Kindle Touch out. Oooooooooh, what a perfect excuse for an upgrade, hehe (Mr A, I swear I didn’t break it on purpose!). The Kindle Touch is quite a bit smaller than the old one so it needed a brand new cover to keep it safe and snug when not in use.

Kindle Cover (4)

I used this tutorial again and just changed the dimensions to fit the Kindle Touch.

Kindle Cover (3)

So what am I reading now? ‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett. It’s really, really good. I haven’t read such a page-turner for a long time. I heard about it through the movie that was recently made from it. I’m waiting to finish the book before I watch the movie, I don’t want to spoil the story, hehe. So far, the book is really, really good. It’s very well written and I’m finding it hard to put it down.

Kindle Cover (1)

What about you all? Reading anything good at the moment? Is there a book you’d like to recommend for me to read?