These two things don’t usually go together, but we’ve given it our best go. Little E’s had two months where he wasn’t sleeping well at night-time and it was difficult to find energy to lug both kiddos onto the stroller and get them out of the house – I don’t drive so the options are either go for a walk in our hilly neighbourhood or take a bus to a park or the shops, all of which can be quite draining with an energetic toddler in tow. E doesn’t care either way, but Miss P’s been in a big need of running around and do something different.

Fun (4)

So, on the really bad days where I couldn’t contemplate getting out of the house, I’ve tried to find ways to entertain her that wouldn’t require my full attention all day long. And guess what? We’ve been having an absolute ball! Here are some of the things we’ve been up to:

Fun (1)

An old classic: the cardboard box. Hours and hours of fun in perspective! :)

Fun (7)

Homemade play dough. I used this recipe and found it to be really good. So easy to make, and so cheap. She loves it! I gave her cookie cutters and a rolling pin and she made cookies like her mama. So cute, hehe.

We also tried to make salt dough (I’ll tell you more about it another day) but that didn’t work out so well, she kept making shapes and destroying them right away (salt dough is meant to be baked so the things made out of it can be kept). I think she needs to be a few months older for that still.

Fun (3)

I also managed to tie her hair up for the first time. I’m so glad, not only her hair is finally long enough for me to do it, but she’s also the one asking for her hair to be tied or put clips in it. And it’s so darn cute :)

Fun (5)

Putting on your dolls’ beanies and scarves is also awesome fun, hahaha. She pulled so hard to get that beanie on her head, I don’t thing it’ll ever fit the doll again. Sorry, mum.

Fun (2)

Talking about mamie-made goodies, check out that ultra cute skirt (above) she made for Miss P (that’s the best photo I could get, sorry) and adorable little overalls for the Little Man (the teddy in crochet is also from her):

Fun (6)

Reading and drawing are Miss P’s two biggest favourites, especially on rainy days. She doesn’t like being read to really, she much prefers ‘reading’ the books herself, or reading them to her brother:

Fun (8)

So tell me, what are your/your kids’ favourite indoor activities? Any good ideas you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them. I’m always on the look-out for something new and exciting to do on the rainy or low-energy-level days :)