A couple of week-ends ago it was Mothers Day here in Australia. I got treated to a sleep in, some chocolates and a beautiful drawing from my little munchkin. It was so sweet. What more could a mama ask for?


It was a beautiful day in all aspects. The weather was just gorgeous, sunny and warm, absolutely perfect. In the morning we headed to a really nice place called Colmslie Beach Reserve for a bit of a play and a picnic lunch.

Mothers Day (1)

Mothers Day (2)

I can’t believe I’d never been there in the 4 years we’ve been living in Brisbane. It’s such a great spot: beautiful, secluded, along the river (with a little bit of a beach) but secure, kids playgrounds, lots of room to run around, lots of shade. In other words: the absolute perfect place to have a picnic when you have kids.

Mothers Day (3)

Mothers Day (6)

Mothers Day (4)

Mothers Day (5)

Mothers Day (7)

Miss P sends you all one of her trademark ‘doggie kisses’

And to all of you mothers, wherever you are, you are awesome!