Did you really think I was done with pants? Well, no. I have more to show you. But then that’s it, I promise.

Pants Galore (3)

I made these a few weeks ago but didn’t get around to putting them on the blog so here there are, another 3 pairs for Little E. I think he’s got enough now; at least for a month or two, until he grows out of them, haha!

Pants Galore (4)

The first pair was made with some gorgeous Michael Miller fabric. Bike prints are quite popular at the moment and I just love this one, the grey and yellow go so well together and it made for really cute pants.

Pants Galore (5)

The second pair I made from some cotton drill I bought when I first found out we were having a boy. It’s the same fabric I used for E’s hat.

Pants Galore (6)

The last pair was made with some fabric I’ve had for ages. It’s a lightweight cotton; not the best for winter but we’ll keep these for the warmer days I think.

Pants Galore (7)

These bring me to a grand total of 27 (!!!) pairs of pants made with Rae’s pattern. Yes, I’m counting. How long do you thing it’ll take me to reach 50? ;)