I haven’t done any sewing in over 2 weeks now but before Easter I took a little break from all the sewing for Little E and made a skirt for Miss P. She doesn’t really need a new skirt, she’s got dozens of them, but I saw this a short while ago and I knew I wanted to make her something similar.

Denim Ruffle Dress 1

It was super easy to make. One thing I learned: I can gather two layers of fabric at the same time. That’s how I did the ruffle. The blue ruffle starts at the same height as the pink one (so the piece of blue fabric is twice as tall). I simply overlocked both pieces of fabric together at the top, then sewed a basting stitch and gathered them in one go. It works really well and gives a nice, neat look to the ruffles. I’d recommend using some good quality polyester thread though (I use Gutterman’s). If you use the cheap stuff it’ll just break when you pull it. Don’t use cotton thread either, it’s not as strong as polyester. If you want more oomph in your ruffle then you could gather them separately, it’d just be more work.

Denim Ruffle Skirt 4

I love it, but if I were to do it again, I’d use a lighter denim. Or at least a denim that has a bit more drape – if that even exists. This is the only one I had in hand and I wasn’t about to go to the shops so I had to do with it, but it feels a bit rigid. I still think it’s cute though.

Denim Ruffle Skirt 3

Miss P looked at the ruffles on her skirt and said ‘pincess’ (princess). I think that means she’s sold on that one, haha :)

Denim Ruffle Skirt 5

What do you think? Like it? Hate it?