Sorry about the silence. Life, kids, birthdays and loads of fun has been getting in the way of blogging. A little bit of sewing too, although not as much as I’d like. My spare time is quite precious these days and I’ve been spending it all at my sewing machine.

Lap Tee  6

Anyway. I had so much fun making the Monkey Tee for the Little Dude that I made more. 5 more to be precise. They’re really so easy to make, I couldn’t resist.

Lap Tee 1

They were all made from old tee-shirts, some were mine, some were Mr A’s.

Lap Tee 2

The neck bands and cuffs were also cut out of old tee-shirts for some and small pieces of ribbing (the black and the cream ones) for the others. It doesn’t require much of it so the overall cost is still very low.

Lap Tee 3

The short-sleeved tees are in the size 0-3 months, the long-sleeved ones are 3-6 months.

Lap Tee 4

With all that, I’m thinking of making still more for winter. I have plenty of tee-shirts left to recycle and plenty of applique templates to try, hehe.

Lap Tee 5

As you can see, I’m using this blogpost as an excuse to bombard you with photos. Hope you don’t mind.

Lap Tee 9

Isn’t he totally cute?

Lap Tee 7

Ok, one last one and I’m done, I promise

Lap Tee 8