As I still have a bunch of projects on the go, I decided to extend the ‘Sewing for Baby’ series all through March. Finding time to sew with my two little ones is pretty trick. I usually manage to work in 10 minutes increments only. It takes me almost 10 minutes to get my head in the game so by the time I’m ready I have to stop. I prefer having a big block of available time and sew as much as possible.

Pimp my ride 1

But I digress. Back to today’s project. I love our pram and I thought I’d make a few things to make it a bit more practical and fun. The first thing I did was a sun cover. When the pram is in newborn position and we go for a walk, the sun hits Little E on the head. I was using a muslin wrap that I’d tied up to the sides and handle but it wasn’t very practical. The sun cover was super duper easy to make: just a rectangle of fabric with the edges folded over and top-stitched and a few strips of velcro to attach it to the pram. It works great, and it keeps the sun off Little Dude’s face.

Pimp my ride 2

Then I made a liner for the base of the pram. It’s double-sided, with a layer of sew-on fleece in between and button holes for the straps. This was also easy to do; it just required a bit more measuring to figure out where to place the holes for the straps.

Pimp my ride  3

And there you have it, a sun-free, fun and pretty-looking pram! :)