I use cloth nappies for both my kids, and have been doing so ever since Miss P was born. Little Dude is in them 100% of the time, Miss P 95% of the time – she wears a disposable at night and on the odd days where I haven’t been able to do the laundry. I love love love cloth nappies, especially the modern fitted ones. Easy to put on, easy to wash, and they make my earthy, nature-loving self happy. So I figured, why not use cloth wipes as well? I already wash nappies every day, may as well add a few wipes in the load as well.

Cloth Wipes 2

I used the scraps of cotton flannelette I have been accumulating over the last few months to make them. The big ones are 16cm x 16cm (6″ x 6″) and the smaller ones are 12cm x 12cm (4.5″ x 4.5″).

Cloth Wipes 4

I used the rolled hem setting on my overlocker to do the edges. I use the small ones as face wipes and the big ones for nappy changes.

Cloth Wipes 3

If you’re making some, I’d recommend using fabric that is soft (flannelette, terry towelling, minky…) and made from 100% natural fibres (such as cotton or bamboo).

Cloth Wipes 1

Now that I’ve made these, I can’t believe I haven’t made and used cloth wipes earlier. They’re great, just as awesome as cloth nappies.