I have already made a bunch of these onesies in the past – you can find some photos here, here, there and also here – so I won’t extrapolate too much and just show you the pics of the ones I made for Little Dude.

Onesie 7

The pattern is Bettsy Kingston’s Jack & Jill Romper and as you can see I’ve made good use of it.

Onesie 4

After making close to a dozen of these onesies, I had a big ‘ah-ha!’ moment when I finally figured out how to sew the soles on so it wouldn’t bunch on the sides. It was the only thing I couldn’t get right with this pattern. As they say, practice makes perfect, hehe. Of course, I figured it out AFTER I’d made these 3!

Onesie 3

These onesies are all made out of cotton jersey knit, great for nightwear.

Onesie 6

It’s still pretty hot here at night, too hot to wear long-sleeved onesies so I was getting a bit worried that Little E would never get to wear them. The pattern sizes quite big though and when I tried them on I found out he currently fits in the newborn size one (see pic below, excuse the bad quality the light was dreadful!).

Onesie 1

The other two are a size 3 months so by the time it gets cooler at night, he should fit perfectly into them.

Onesie 5

I also have some in size 6 months in the works, I’ll show you the pics when they’re done.

Onesie 2

Cute, right? Totally unbiased, too ;)