When I first heard about these baby wraps, I knew I wanted one. I found some in Australia but thought they were a bit pricey (about $120 each) so I hesitated buying one. Then I stumbled upon this tutorial by A Load of Craft where she explains how to make these baby wraps. I couldn’t pass the chance to try and make one.


The wraps require quite a lot of fabric – 5 to 6 metres  – but you can make up to 3 wraps with it so it’s pretty good. Jersey knits tend to be quite pricey (why is that?) so I waited until the fabric went on sale at my local store and got it for half price. So, not only I didn’t want to buy a baby wrap but I also had to wait until the fabric was at half price to buy it. Yes, I’m kind of cheap like that, hehe.


Anyhoo, I followed the instructions in the tutorial and it worked great. The wrap is fantastic, I love it! I’ve already used it a bunch of times, mainly when going to the shops. All these layers of fabric make it a bit too hot to use to go for a walk under the Australian summer sun, but it’s perfect for the air-conned shopping centres.

The only thing that I did differently is that I’ve overlocked the main piece of fabric all around to reduce the ‘rolling’ effect a little and make it look a little bit neater. I’ve also used cotton drill fabric instead of quilting cotton for the front piece, to make it that little bit sturdier. And with what I have left of the fabric, I plan on making another 2 wraps, one for myself (to use when the first one is the wash) and one to give as a gift.