As usual, I had an endless list of things I wanted to do before our Little Man was born, a list that was left mostly undone. I’ve managed to do a little tiny bit of sewing since Little E’s joined us and now that I have my craft space all set up again, I might be able to get back to it more regularly… she says in a hopeful tone, hahaha!

And how’s Little E doing, you’ll ask me? Well, he’s 6 weeks old now and doing amazing. He’s a dream baby, we are so lucky: feeds well, sleeps well and doesn’t cry very much (only when he’s really hungry or upset, which is not very often).

Little E is not so little really. He was 53cm at birth and had grown to 57cm at 4 weeks old. I don’t know how tall he is now, but he looks like he’s gotten even bigger. If he keeps going like that, we’ll have to make a basketball player out of him, hehe.

I can’t believe he’s already 6 weeks old! Miss P adores him, she can’t give him enough cuddles and kisses.

Having a chat with Mamie

Isn’t he sweet? :)

And here’s the other pretty face around here, busy reading a book and looking cute: