I think my sister’s obsessed with these Buttercup Bags. I made her first one for Christmas last year. She then asked my mum to make her a second one, then a third bag. Finally, she asked me to make her yet another one this Christmas:

Buttercup Bag 1

The pattern is this one, a free pattern found on Made by Rae’s blog (there is a bigger version of the pattern available for purchase).

Buttercup Bag 2

I had a moment of doubt after I’d finished it. I love it, I like that fabric as a bag, but it’s quite girly and I wasn’t sure if she’d like it. I hope she does. Do you, Little Sis’?

Buttercup Bag 3

Worst case, I can always make her a fifth one, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind that at all, hehe :)

Well, this wraps up the handmade Christmas presents series. I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to keep with the monthly themed sewing for the moment. Predictably, I haven’t been able to do much sewing since Little Man was born; I’m hoping I’ll be able to do more when my sewing machine and overlocker are not stuck in a cupboard anymore and my craft space is functional again, but we’ll see. Taking one day at a time :)