I’m in trouble. I’ve found something else that I love to do: knitting dolls. As if the days weren’t already too short to allow me to do everything I’d like.

Knitted Doll 2

I had the greatest fun making this one, so much that if I hadn’t been pressed for time, I’d probably have made another one. Or two. I found the pattern in this book, which gives very good and detailed instructions.

Knitted Doll 1

The knitting part was pretty easy and very fast. Putting it all together and adding the finishing touches was what took the most time. Not my favourite thing, but the end product makes it all worth it.

Knitted Doll 4

I finished the doll when Miss P was awake. BIG mistake! As soon as it was done, she wanted to have a look at it and just refused to give it back. She LOVED the doll. I had to wait until she was in bed to get it back, take some photos then wrap it up straight away. I felt mean, but this one wasn’t meant for her. The great thing is, I now know what to make for her birthday, hehe

Knitted Doll 3