Yes, he’s finally here! Little Man was born last Tuesday, December 27th and is just absolutely gorgeous (no bias here, hehe).

Little Man, one day old

He made us wait a whole 6 days after the due date but once he’d made up his mind, he didn’t waste any time; he was born in almost exactly 2 hours from start to finish! Luckily we had grandma staying with us for a couple of weeks so we were able to head to the hospital very quickly and leave Miss P in the care of her grandma.


The stats? He was born at 7.14pm, weighing 3978g (8lb 12 oz.) for 53cm. A healthy chubby baby :) We’re all doing very well, settling in at home and trying to rest as much as possible.


Miss P absolutely loves him. She just wants to give him cuddles and kisses all the time, it’s very cute.

Cuddles from Miss P

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! Best wishes for 2012!