I did it! Yes, I did! I have made, wrapped and posted (where applicable) all the Christmas presents, and with a few days to spare!!! I think that the baby factor – baby who, by the way, was due 2 days ago and is still showing no sign of wanting to get out – was a huge motivator.

Now, I haven’t ‘made’ every single present, I did have to buy some but at least all the kiddos are getting handmade prezzies. Sooooooooooooo, providing this baby decides to be stubborn and stay put for another few days, I should be able to post more now and show you all this handmade goodness I’ve been working on.

But really, I’m hoping this Little Dude won’t wait too long. I’m getting quite impatient, I can’t wait to meet him! Also, he’s clearly running out of room now, so time to get out bub, seriously!

40 weeks belly

I’ll finish this post with a photo of Miss P re-inventing the bucket hat. She’s like that, Miss P, always ahead in fashion trends, hahaha