I’m still here! I haven’t disappeared, I promise. The last two weeks have just been busy a lively toddler, baby preparations, Christmas preparations and just life in general.

First things first, I’ve had to put a hold on my craft room makeover project. It’s almost completed, but we’re setting the room up to receive guests over the next couple of months, which means we’ve moved my sewing desk to a different spot to accommodate a bed. I have achieved my main goal though, which was to de-clutter the desk and re-organize all my sewing supplies. Here’s a peek at what it looks like now:

Craft Room Sneak Peek 2

The desk was at the proper spot when I took the photos last week and this is where I’d like it to go back when the guest bed is out of the way (it will be Miss P’s bed so it’ll go to her bedroom). I like the setting like that, where the sewing machine and overlocker are, the space it gives me and the light coming from the side window and the windows behind me when I sew.

Craft Room Sneak Peek 1

I completely re-organised the things that were under the desk. First I got rid of all the non-crafting-related stuff. Then I bought big plastic boxes with wheels and put all my fabric in them. Two are filled with my fabric stash and the other one with all the old clothes I want to re-purpose. I also used some smaller boxes that were lying around the house to put all my knitting supplies in, and all my fabric scraps in another one. This system is working really well. The wheels on the big boxes makes it really easy for me to pull them from under the desk whenever I need fabric, and the fact that they’re transparent means that I know what is where and I can see what fabrics I have at a glance, instead of having to go through piles and layers of them in a dark cupboard. The desk is quite deep too so the boxes don’t bother me when I sit at the desk.

Craft Space 1 Craft Space 2

(These are the ‘before’ photos to show you the progress)

The main thing still left to do, as well as a few bits and pieces, is to hang up an inspiration/projects chalkboard on the wall. I’m making the board from scratch (chalk paint and all) and it’s almost finished but there’s really no point in hanging it up now with the desk at the other end of the room. I’m also thinking of making a cover for my overlocker now. The one I have is still fine but it’s the one it came with, the flowy, plasticky, transparent kind. My poor overlocker deserves a pretty cover, hehe.

Despite my silence over the last week or so, I haven’t been completely inactive. I have drawn and cut a few patterns, each in 3 or 4 different sizes, so I can start making some clothes for baby. I don’t know about you, but this stage always takes me forever (the pattern drawing and cutting, that is). Annoying but necessary and inevitable. I’ve made a start in the baby-clothing department though, I have a bunch of fabric all cut up and ready to go and am almost done sewing some pyjamas (photos coming soon!). I’ve also made something for Miss P which I’ll show you a bit later on this week.

What have you all been up to? Are you getting in the spirit of Christmas yet? I know I am! :)