When I made the big fabric basket, I ended up with some nice squares of fabric after I cut out the corners. They were too small to do much with them, but too big to throw away. I know, I’m hopeless, I’m terrible at throwing things away, even scraps of fabric – don’t tell her I said that, but I get that from my mother ;).

Drink Coasters 3

So I got my brains working to think about something I could do with small squares of fabric. I don’t quilt, so that was out of the equation. Then I thought about Mr A who’s been asking me to make some drink coasters for over a year now. Ding! That was it, these scraps of fabric were the perfect size for drink coasters. One of the fabrics was already interfaced, so I fused some fleece onto the other fabric and overlocked them together.

Drink Coasters 2

They’re not heat-resistant I’m afraid, I just used the fusible fleece I had on hand which is just plain old normal fleece, but they’ll be perfect for summer and cold drinks.

Drink Coasters 4

Now I just have to figure out how to start and stop my overlocking stitches so it looks all nice and clean. Any suggestions/advice?

Drink Coasters 1