A while ago I found this great tutorial to make fabric baskets on The Sometimes Crafter’s blog and bookmarked it, thinking it might come in handy one day. It did. These baskets were a great idea to solve some of my desk storage issues.

Fabric Baskets 4

I used the tutorial for the ‘how-to’ but I adapted the measurements to fit my needs. I first made the bigger box to store my commercial patterns. Before they were stacked in two piles on top of the desk which wasn’t very practical. Some of them are in plastic envelopes, therefore quite slippery and the piles would inevitably crumble every time I would touch them. The basket/box was the perfect solution. I made it bigger so I would have room for more patterns in the future, hehe.

Fabric Baskets 5

Then I was so happy with how the first box turned out that I made 3 small ones, to store all these little things that I sometimes need on hand when I sew, like ribbons and trims, buttons and the likes.

Fabric Baskets 1

I haven’t entirely made up my mind how to fill them yet, hence why one of them is empty but no doubt they’ll be filled up really soon. I’m thinking of putting all of my sewing machine needles in the remaining one actually.

Fabric Baskets 3

And did I mention how easy they are to make? They looked tricky when I first saw the tutorial but they are actually very quick and easy to put together. I also followed The Sometimes Crafter’s instructions on how to press them to make them look more ‘boxy’ and it worked great.

Fabric Baskets 2

These would be great to keep jewellery too or whatever you like really. Love them!