I have finally got around to making more pairs of Bettsy Kingston’s Baby Ruffle Pants. Back when I first got the pattern, I’d made a pair for Miss P but I don’t think I ever took a photo of it.

Ruffle Pants 1

It’s gotten really hot over here in the last couple of weeks, Miss P’s been pretty much hanging out in just her nappies when we’re at home. So I thought that a few new pairs of nappy covers, topped with a simple singlet, would be perfect for her. They’re totally cute and most of all they’re wearable when we leave the house.

Ruffle Pants 2

Ruffles aren’t exactly my favourite thing to sew. It takes ages to prepare the strips of fabric, gather them, ruffle them and finally sew them on the nappy cover. I briefly considered leaving the ruffles out and just making a simple cover but I’m glad I took the trouble of adding them, they’re worth it. The fabric would have been a bit ‘boring’ without them and who could resist such cuteness?

Ruffle Pants 3

I made two pairs, one that you can see in the photos, and another similar to it but with the ivory with black dots fabric (that I used for the middle ruffle of the first pair) as the main fabric and the flowery print for the middle ruffle. If I’m courageous and have time before the baby’s born, I’d like to make a few more pairs. If.