It’s been a while since I’ve posted some fun and non-sewing-related pics of Miss P. I need to remedy that.

You might not know this, but in this world there is a difference between ‘chilling on the couch’ and ‘chilling on the couch, Miss P’s way’:

Chillin' on the couch, Miss P style

Just so you know, I didn’t put her up there either. I put her couch on top of the sofa so I could clean the floors and next thing I knew, she’d climbed up both of them and was happily hanging out up there, eating her bananas and watching cartoons :)

She’s been a real little monkey lately. Apart from eating more bananas than anyone else I know – she’d eat banana for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks if I let her! – she’s been goofing around all the time and never fails to make us laugh:

The good ole' strainer hat

Ah the toddler years! Hate the tantrums but love seeing her personality develop and watching her become more her own everyday, watching her learn and grow. My sweet little monkey…