My craft space needs some work. A lot of work. What it needs more than anything else though is storage space, once again. I have absolutely no storage in this room. As you can see in the photos there is stuff eveywhere. I try to keep it in neat piles but that never lasts longs. Underneath the table, there are bags of yarn, knitting needles, old clothes waiting to be re-purposed, polyfill and other bits and pieces.

Craft Space 1

I share the room with the computer and Mr. A’s set of drums so there’s not a lot of space. My fabric stash is slowly taking over the linen closet in the corridor. What I’d like to do this month is mainly sort out the sewing desk, above and under, to make it easier to access the things I need. I have so many ideas there’s no doubt I won’t get around to make all of them, but I’ll do my best and show you how it’s progressing through the month.

Craft Space 2

Oh and all ideas and suggestions are more than welcome, so if you have any please shoot :)