Sometimes, it seems things just want to go wrong. That’s what happened when I tried to take pictures of Miss P’s room yesterday. I must have tidied that room a dozen of times. Miss P thought it was fun, every time mummy was putting toys back into the box and turning her back to tidy another part of the room, she would come along and pull all the toys out again. It was the best. game. ever! I was on the brink of losing my sanity when I finally managed to get it all sorted while she was busy emptying the kitchen cupboards of their contents (what is it with toddlers and their fascination with mess and kitchen stuff?). I took a few quick pictures, but by that time it was mid-afternoon and I’d lost pretty much all the light. And this morning was cloudy so there wasn’t any light either. All that to tell you that I’m sorry about the awful pictures, that was the best I could do.

Miss P's room 2

Looking at those pics now, I realise that I still have a bunch of things I could do to improve her room, but at least I managed to do everything I really wanted to sort out, like hanging the fairies mobile, placing the letters of her name on the wall, mounting the letters in the embroidery hoops (made by my mum) on a board and attaching it to the wall, make some bunting, a cover for the change mat and toy boxes.

The bunting I made with the same scraps of fabric I used for one of my bucket bags.

Miss P's room 4

For the board where I hung the letters in the embroidery hoops, I simply took a small piece of plywood, applied two coats of a white primer and sealer, then painted it a blue/purple colour. I used a small piece of sanding paper to ‘rough up’ the paint a little and give it a nice effect.

To hang the hoops, I simply placed 5 little hooks into the board. Easy, peasy. I attached the board on the wall with 3M’s Damage-Free Hanging strips. They’re amazing. They can hold a picture frame of up to 7.2 kg and can be removed without leaving marks on the wall or chipping the paint, which is perfect when you’re renting.

Miss P's room 6

On the other side of the room, I placed the ‘POPPY’ letters on the wall with double-sided adhesive. I’m hoping this won’t do much damage when I remove them but worst case I still have some of the paint I used to fix it.

Miss P's room 3

And in her wardrobe you can see the cardboard toy boxes and one of the bucket bags (hidden on the top shelf) in use. I haven’t gotten around to make any more bucket bags yet but I will. The ones I made are so handy and Miss P has other toys that could use a bag to be stored in.

Miss P's room 5

Well, that’s it for her room. I’m still working on her Fairyland Blanket – it’s a fairly slow progress but I’ve done 230+ rows so far so there’s a definitive progress, hehe. Plus, it’s really warm here now so she won’t need it until next year anyway.

Happy crafting everyone!