Times flies when you’re having fun. Actually I think time just flies, with or without the fun, it’s just better with the fun. Can you believe it’s already Wednesday? My, oh, my. It’s only 7 weeks until the due date and I haven’t done anything for this baby yet. And there’s Christmas to think about too. I’m starting to freak out!

Anyway, not much crafting has been done in the last few days. We’ve spent the week-end doing absolutely nothing, just hanging out on the back deck, reading, playing with Miss P and watching season 2 of ‘The Goodwife’ when she was asleep (how good is that show? I love it!). Sometimes, doing nothing is really good too. Out went my plans of finishing up Miss P’s room over the week-end though. Oh well, it’s almost done now – or at least it’s as much done as it will be for the moment – and hopefully I can get some good pictures and show you tomorrow.

In the meantime though, I thought I’d show you what I worked on at the end of last week. One of my sisters-in-law is a yoga teacher for children. She doesn’t have her own studio, she goes from daycare centre to daycare centre to teach her classes and she found it quite time-consuming having to set up and pack the room every time. Carrying up to 13 mats from her car to the rooms and back was particularly tricky as she had couldn’t carry all the mats in one go and had to do 2 or 3 trips. So she asked me if I could make her some kind of carrier bag to help her out. Here is what we came up with:

Yoga Mats Carrier 2

After I got my head around how big it needed to be and how long the straps and velcro had to be and where to place them, it was pretty simple to do. I just cut 2 big rectangles, sewed the velcro on then placed them right sides together and stitched all around except for a 5″ opening, turned it all right side out and topstitched all around. Then I sewed the straps on the outside. I wanted to sew the straps onto both layers of fabric to make it that little bit more sturdy and able to bear the weight of 13 yoga mats.

Yoga Mats Carrier 1

This carrier wrap was made with furnishing fabric, also for sturdiness’ sake and the 2 layers make it super strong. I love how it turned out, it almost makes me want to be a yoga teacher too so I can make one for myself ;)