Sophie Tunic 1

I feel really bad now, for saying this pattern was too small in a previous post. It’s not. I discovered I simply had it printed with the wrong settings. The pattern does have a 1″ test square but I printed and cut it out months ago so I didn’t have the test square anymore to check it was the correct size, and I obviously hadn’t done that before I started cutting it out. Duh!

Sophie Tunic 4

So, printed with the right settings (turns out that selecting ‘no scaling’ before printing is really really really important, haha), the pattern fits perfectly. It did seem odd that Miss P – who is 18 months old – would need a size 3/4, the next size up from the one I had made her. Well that explains it.

Sophie Tunic 6

I still decided to make a muslin this time around though. I wasn’t prepared to use any more of my beautiful and precious Innocent Crush voile unless I was sure the fit was perfect, so I made a first tunic out of some plain white cotton voile I bought on sale at Spotlight a long time ago.

Sophie Tunic 2

When I finished this one, tried it on Miss P and found it fit her to a T, I remade the tunic as it was meant to be, with Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush voile. Oh I love this fabric, it’s so light and so soft! The best thing is that I still have 1.5 metres of it left. Hmmmm, I think I’ll have to make something for myself after I’ve had this baby. Any suggestions?

Sophie Tunic 8

But back to the tunic. It’s great, I love it. I love the cut and the little opening at the front. It looks very cute. I’m just sad I didn’t get the chance to finish it before we went to the beach last week-end. I’d only had time to make the muslin. Oh well, summer is just starting, there will be plenty more occasions for Miss P to wear her gorgeous tunic at the beach :)

Sophie Tunic 7

I must say, I also like the plainness and simplicity of the muslin, so no doubt she’ll be wearing it too. Two cute tunics for the little Miss, that’s a win!

Sophie Tunic 3

And look, it’s perfect for dancing too ;)