Miss P is a very lucky girl. She is surrounded by a bunch of crafty people who like nothing more than to make her some cute things. As a result, her room is packed with handmade goodness and I thought I’d show you some of them.

Her grandma, my mum, avid knitter and crocheteer, went crazy on the knitted softies and dolls:

Handmade 2

She’s even made the dolls some spare outfits and crocheted a bag to keep the outfits in (that’s only a selection of the outfits there, the rest are in the bag!):

Handmade 5

One of her aunties has made her some gorgeous crochet blankets. These are big favourites with Miss P. They’re really soft and she loves to snuggle to them at night-time:

Handmade 1

Another auntie has crocheted this way-too-cute Fairies Mobile. Miss P loves it, she always wants to touch it and play with it. It’s a bit too delicate for a toddler’s hands though so we leave it out of reach, hanging high from the ceiling:

Handmade 6

Handmade 7

These 2 adorable softies are also part of the collection. The rabbit was made by her auntie; its jacket has Miss P’s name on the back and date of birth embroidered with cross-stitch on the flaps. The green rhino by her grandma, its apron with her name in cross-stitch:

Handmade 4

With all that, the girl’s got no chance. She will have to be crafty. At least, I’m hoping she will catch some of the craft bug. In the meantime, she just likes to be in the photos:

Handmade 3