I’ve been struggling to find enough sewing time lately. It seems to come and go in waves, sometimes I’ll get a lot done and other times I won’t get anything finished in a whole week. I have this week’s tutorial almost ready though and will be posting it tomorrow. I’ve also managed to – finally! – finish my last piece of maternity clothing: a pair of maternity shorts.

Maternity Shorts 1

The fabric I used is the same as for the Lingering Layers Skirt. I had a metre of it left after I’d done the skirt and I used all of it for the shorts. For the pattern, I used a pair of maternity jeans that gave up a few weeks ago, after a lot of wear. I loved these jeans, but they weren’t new when I got them and I wore them all the time when I was pregnant with Miss P. I wore them a fair bit through this pregnancy too and I could see that the denim was getting quite thin until one day it just happened: the denim started breaking at a few different spots and when it got going there was no stopping it. It was a very sad day.

Maternity Shorts 2

Anyway, I loved them so much that I was reluctant to let them go, so I took my seam ripper and started un-stitching all the seams, thinking I could use them to trace a pattern and make another pair of maternity pants. I took some photos before taking them apart and had a good look at how they were made. Then the weather started getting warmer so I changed my mind: I was going to make some shorts instead, they would get me through the summer.

All in all, it was pretty easy to do. I did make a couple of mistakes that had to be un-stitched and fixed and I was glad I took those photos to refer to, they really helped to remind me how the pants were constructed. Although these are shorts, there was a fair amount of sewing involved: I finished each seam with my overlocker, then did 2 rows of topstitching. It was worth the effort though, I think it gives it a better look in the end, a bit less ‘handmade’, a bit more professional.

Maternity Shorts 3

I love the way they turned out. They fit great and are comfortable. I put pockets on the back and stitched a fake zipper placket and fake pockets at the front, just to get the look right and less plain. I reused the elastic from the maternity jeans (waste not, want not, hehe), using black ribbing to cover it. The shorts do pucker a little at the front, but whatevs. Does anyone know if this is fixable, and how to fix it?