I have a confession to make. I don’t own a skirt. Or, to be more exact, I didn’t own a skirt. Until last week-end. Not even one. Lots of dresses, but no skirt. If you’d looked in my wardrobe 10 years ago, you would have found it to be the other way around: lots of skirts, no dresses. I couldn’t even tell you why, or when, the shift happened. In any case, it was well time for me to make myself a skirt.

Lingering Layers Skirt 2

I used the ‘Lingering Layers Skirt’ pattern from Anna Maria Horner’s book, ‘Handmade Beginnings’. As the Mariposa Dress I made last month from the same book had ended up too short, I went from the assumption that the patterns had been designed with someone shorter than me in mind and cut the main skirt panels 10cm (4″) longer. It sounds like a lot, but the skirt also had a wide ruffle at the bottom that I wasn’t sure I wanted, so I had to make sure to make up for it (and as you can see, I decided against the ruffle in the end).

Lingering Layers Skirt - Front details Lingering Layers Skirt - Back details

(front and back views of the skirt; excuse the creases, I was too lazy to iron it)

The skirt is great, I love it. The fabric I used is a stretchy medium-weight cotton poplin and I went for black so I could wear it with most of my tops. All the pieces are cut on the bias and the skirt is made from the main panels and 3 curved panels at the top, both on the front and back (which you can see in the photos above). There are even directions on how to alter it after baby to turn it into a normal skirt – basically just unstitching the stretchy mama panel at the front and replacing it by the same panel as in the back. How clever is that?

Lingering Layers Skirt 1

PS: My belly’s already HUGE! I’m 28 weeks pregnant now so there’s another 3 months to go. The last 3 months are when the baby is mainly busy just growing and fattening up. I’m slightly worried. This baby’s got potential to be big, very big.