Maternity Belly Bands are one of the items I couldn’t leave without when I was pregnant with Miss P. I liked the idea of wearing jeans with a top for a casual look but it was becoming increasingly difficult. Let’s face it, maternity jeans aren’t exactly pretty, and when I was wearing a simple tank top with them, not only the elastic band would be showing but also part of my belly. Not really a good look. This is where maternity belly bands became useful: they hide both the belly and the top of the pants. My sister sent me a couple of belly bands as a gift and they were a blessing. I literally lived in them.

So this time around, I thought I’d try my hand at making them myself. They are super easy and don’t require much fabric, which makes them very cheap to make. 15 minutes of your time is all you’ll need to make one, including cutting your fabric. Here is how I made them:

Maternity Belly Band 4 bis

Fabric recommended: Any knit fabric will do, but I’d recommend to get knits that have some extra stretch in them. Look for knit fabrics that have a small percentage of spandex, lycra or elastane in them (usually around 5%). Those make the fabric stretchy not only from side to side but also from top to bottom, allowing for the maternity band to grow with your belly both in height and width.

Quantity: 1/2 metre (or yard) will give you 2 belly bands

Notions: Ballpoint needles; Twin needle (optional)

Cut your piece of fabric 27cm x 90cm / 10.5″ x 35.5″ (with the short side on the grainline). Fold your fabric in half with RST (right sides together) and pin along the short side (see photo below). Stitch (stretch or zigzag stitch) or overlock. Press the seam well to one side. You’ve obtained a tube.

Maternity Belly Band 1

Fold the raw edges 1.5cm (1/2″) towards the wrong side of fabric, on both top and bottom edges (see photo)

Maternity Belly Band 2

If you’re using a twin needle, stitch in place like you would do for a hem.

If you’re like me and your machine doesn’t take twin needles (yes, I know, time to get a new one I think, hehe), stitch in place using a zigzag stitch. Et voilà, you’re done!

Maternity Belly Band 3

Happy Sewing! :)