I’m so excited to start this new series that I don’t know where to begin!

Looking back at my old posts, I thought my blog needed a bit of ‘direction’. You know, a bit of organisation and tidying up. Uh-oh, I hear you say, it looks like nesting has not only started early but is also spreading out of my home and invading my blog, haha. Well yes, let’s blame it on nesting.

So, starting today, I’m ‘launching’ a new series where I will pick a new theme each month, and show you all the beautiful – or not – things I’ve made on that theme. And each Monday, I’ll post a new FREE tutorial to show you how I’ve made some of these projects.

Excited? I hope so, because I am :)

To start things off, I decided to go with Maternity Clothes. I recently went through both my and Miss P’s wardrobes (nesting, nesting!) and got rid of/put away everything that didn’t fit anymore. The truth is, after taking out all the non-maternity clothes that don’t fit, there wasn’t much left. A few dresses, a small handful of tops, one pair of jeans that won’t fit for much longer… you see the picture.

Needless to say, this mama needs some new clothes. And is definitely not prepared to pay $60+ for a top or $90+ for a dress or a pair of pants. Am I just being too penny-pinching here or do you also find this outrageous? Why are maternity clothes that expensive – not to mention difficult to find and usually pretty blah? But enough rambling. Let’s just say that the few maternity clothes I’ve made so far inspired me to make more.

So please come back tomorrow for some photos and my very first tutorial on how to make a very Easy Maternity Sundress.

If you have missed the Mama Clothes I’ve already made, go and have a look at these posts:

Happy Sunday and Happy Fathers’ Day to Mr A and all the wonderful daddies out there!