I made something for myself, and from scratch this time!


When I was pregnant with Miss P, I found that good maternity clothes were pretty expensive, so this time I’m having a go at making my own. I have a few patterns I want to try out and I settled on this one to start: Burda pattern no. 7357. On the fabric side I used a soft, lightweight, cotton/lycra knit for the top and some cotton/spandex stretch knit for the overall.

The pattern in itself was very easy and simple, but I must say I’m not a big fan of working with stretch knits. Cutting fabric is already one of my least favourite parts of making clothes so trying to properly lay out, pin and cut through stretch knit, which has a nasty tendency to ‘move’ and shift as you do so, was just a nightmare.


I wasn’t too sure about this outfit as I was making it, and even just after I’d finished it, but now that I got to wear it for a whole day, I love it! It’s comfortable, semi-figure-hugging without giving this ‘whale’ look some maternity clothes tend to do. My belly is still pretty small at this stage but there’s a lot of room for it to grow. And I just love the top. It’s so easy to make: it’s made of only 2 big rectangle-ish pieces (one for the front and one for the back) and another smaller rectangle for the collar. Another great thing about the top is that I can wear it with other outfits and once baby is born, I’ll be able to use it as breastfeeding top/cover as the opening around the waist is quite large and it will be easy to fit a baby under it.


As you can see I’m not very photogenic and Mr A tends to lose patience after about 5 photos so please excuse the silly poses, there was a very limited supply of half-decent photos to choose from :)