What with all these sewing related posts, I wanted to reassure you and let you know that yes, I am still knitting, hehe. With the cold weather we’ve been having, I’ve actually been knitting pretty much every night. But my problem is that I’m terrible at finishing garments. I love the actual knitting, but I really don’t like putting the pieces together, or weaving in the ends.

As a result, when I started this post a couple of days ago I had 4 works in progress, 3 of which were near completion. Starting writing this somewhat motivated me to finish one of them, a hooded jumper for Miss P. It was almost finished really, all I had to do was attaching the hood and sew the sides together.


We can’t really see it in the picture above but the finished jumper isn’t great at all. Nothing wrong with the pattern, I think I just made some mistakes when I attached the raglan sleeves to the body – it wasn’t very clear where to stop/start attaching them – so one of them ends up appearing longer than the other. They were the first very things to be sewed together too, so I didn’t have the courage to undo all my side seams, the hood, and the sleeves and start it all over again. She can just wear it around the house, nobody will notice, hehe.

When we were on holidays a few months ago, I made a beanie from the same book as the jumper. I’m not sure what I was thinking, it pretty much never gets cold enough in Brisbane to wear a woollen beanie. I was probably deceived by the fact that we were in Bathurst at the time, it was cold, I was on holidays and I had needles and yarn with me.  She wore it twice.  It’s cute though, I like it :)

My second work in progress are some knitted booties for the little dude. I started them weeks ago, before we knew we were having a boy and now I’m wondering if they don’t look too girly? These proved maybe a little bit too tricky for my skills level. It requires a very neat knitter, which I’m not. They’re very quick to make though, so that’s another thing I should just get on with and finish up. Maybe tonight’s project?
Baby booties

I haven’t forgotten my dress either. Since that post, I finished both back and front pieces and the straps. Only have to do the side pieces and put it all together. Being pregnant though, it’ll be a while until I can actually wear this dress so I might leave it aside for the moment and concentrate on the million other projects that I have.

Last but not least is my fun project of the moment. Always have to have one of those, something to do whilst watching TV in the evening. At the moment, I’m making a fairy blanket for Miss P. It’s a huge project – when finished it will measure roughly 95cm by 115cm – and is therefore going slowly. I’ve been working on it almost every night for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve only done 33 rows out of 320!

Blankie 2Blankie 1

As you can see, it not only has a LOT of stitches per row (183 exactly), but it also has a design with houses and a car down the bottom (where I am at now), then a path amongst the hills that leads to a castle surrounded by trees. Yes, that’s a lot of colours and each row is a very slow process.

Blankie - Back

This is a view of the back, with all the bobbins and bits of yarn hanging out. Looks messy, doesn’t it? Well, at least this should keep me nice and busy for a while. Good thing it’s a lot of fun to do, keeps me motivated :)

What about you? Are you knitting or crocheting anything at the moment? What is your favourite time of the day to do your knitting?