On Friday we had our 20-weeks ultrasound. We went there having decided we wouldn’t find out the sex of the baby. We kept it a surprise for Miss P, and although I was keen on finding out this time around – I wanted to start sewing a whole heap of things, you see :) – Mr A wasn’t, so we agreed to keep it a surprise.

Halfway through the ultrasound though, Mr A got too tempted and changed his mind. He asked me if I wanted to find out – you bet your boots I did! So here we are, we’ll be having a little boy! A boy! We’re so excited!!! Mind you, we would have been just as excited if it had been a girl, but I like the idea of having both boy and girl. The perfect balance

20 weeks… exactly halfway through the pregnancy. What, already? Having a little one to look after definitely makes the time go much faster. It’s very different the second time around. Not worse, not better. Just different. I’m not obsessively reading books to check how much the baby has grown in the past week and, although I was pretty relaxed when I was pregnant with Miss P, this time I seem to be even more so. I guess I’ve done it already, so I know what to expect. Happiness, joy, unconditional love. Motherhood truly is the most amazing thing.

I’ll leave you with a photo of my growing belly, taken this morning:

Now I’m off to buy some boyish fabrics and start some baby sewing. Reds and blues it is :)